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We are the Interstellar Medium Group at the Leiden observatory.


Nikki and Bavo graduated

New master students join the ISM group

Farewell to the 2016 LEAPS student

LEAPS student 2016

2 new postdocs in the group

Farewell to Isabel Aleman

The WORKPLANS workshop was a success

WORKPLANS workshop is starting the 25th of January

Kirsten got her paper accepted

Farewell to Rowin

New members of the X-people

Farewell to the 2015 LEAPS students

Alessandra Candian's VENI fellowship

An Abundance of riches

Brahm Ochsendorf's PhD manuscript approved

Francisco Salgado's PhD manuscript approved

LEAPS students 2015

Annemieke Petrignani's VIDI grant