**Schedule of Meetings**


8th November 2017 (1:00pm - room 422)
Presentation: Pablo Castellanos

22th November 2017 (1:00pm - room 531)
Presentation: Lizette Guzmán


25th October 2017 (1:00pm - room 422)
Presentation: Raymond Oonk

18th October 2017 (1:00pm - room 422)
Dario Campisi
Ümit Kavak

27th September 2017 (1:00pm - room 422)
Presentation: Yvette Cendes

13th September 2017 (1:00pm - room 422)
Presentation: Daniel Harsono

30th August 2017 (1:00pm - room 422)
Presentation: Raymond Oonk

19th July 2017 (1:00pm - room 422)
Presentation: Cornelia Pabst

5th July 2017 (1:00pm - room 422)
Liz Guzman (“The most up-to-date catalogue of Symbiotic Stars”)
Kim Emig (“Detections of RRL in AGN”)

10th May 2017 (1:00pm - room 531)
Presentation: Junfeng Zhen

26th Apr 2017 (1:00pm - room 422)
Short presentations:
Pablo Castellanos (Modelling the dehydrogenation of PAHs under laboratory conditions)
Daniel Harsono (Cold gas inflows around protostars)

12th Apr 2017 (1:00pm - room 422)
Short presentation: Cameron Mackie (Improvements in modeling PAH emission spectra)

29th Mar 2017 (1:00pm - room 422)
Short presentation: Kirstin Doney (Searching for small molecules)

15th Mar 2017 (1:00pm - room 422)
Short presentation: Pablo Castellanos (Femtosecond dynamics of PAHs)
Kimberly Emig (The first look at radio recombination lines in AGN)

1st Mar 2017 (1:00pm - room 422)
Short presentations:
Cornelia Pabst (Velocity-resolved [CII] mapping of Orion A: A travel diary from a living dead)
Liz Guzman (Witnessing the emergence of a carbon star)

15th Feb 2017 (1:00pm - room 422)
Short presentation: Claudia Giese (Carbon globules in meteorites)
Alessandra Candian (H mobility in PAHs)
Reminder: bring a plot!

1st Feb 2017 (1:00pm - room 422)
Short presentation: Jordy Bouwman (Dissociative Ionization of Interstellar PAHs)
Arthur Bosman (CO2 infrared emission as a diagnostic of planet-forming regions of disks)

18th Jan 2017 (1:00pm - room 422)
Short presentation: Raymond Oonk (Hydrogen and carbon recombination lines towards Cassiopeia A)

7th Dec 2016 (1:00pm - room 422)
Short presentation: Daniel Harsono (Self-consistent mineralogy for chondrules)
Host: Cornelia Pabst
Reminder: bring a plot!

23rd Nov 2016 (1:00pm - room 422)
Short presentation: Sascha Zeegers (Characterizing Dust in Dense Interstellar Environments)

9th Nov 2016 (1:00pm - room 422)
Short presentation: Marcelo Leal-Ferreira

26th Oct 2016 (1:00pm - room 422)
Esmee Stoop (Double Bubble Toil and Trouble)
Andrew Barr (Flying Through dusty HII Regions Onboard SOFIA)
Host: Marcelo

12th Oct 2016 (1:00pm - room 422)
Short presentation: Junfeng Zhen (IR spectrum of HBC^+ and HBC^2+)
Host: Cornelia and Cameron!

28th Sep 2016 (2:30pm - room 422)
Short presentation: Alessandra Candian (Disks in the sky with diamonds),
Liz Guzman (The fastest molecular outflow in a proto-planetary nebula)

15th Sep 2016 (2:30pm - room 531)
Champagne social for Stephanie Cazaux

14th Sep 2016 (2:30pm - room 531)
Short presentations: Tao Chen, Pedro Salas

31st Aug 2016 (2:30pm - room 531)
Short presentation: Benne Holwerda (What the occult can do for you)
Kimberly Emig (Carbon recombination lines from AGN)

17th Aug 2016 (2:30pm - room 531)
Short presentation: Cameron Mackie

3rd Aug 2016 (3:00pm - room 531)
Celebrate the postdoc offer of Liz
Short presentation: Nikki Zabel
15 min presentation: Soheb Mandhai

26th Jul 2016 (2:00pm - room 422)
Alessandra and Viola – muffins met muisjes

13th Jul 2016 (3:00pm - room 422)
Short presentations:
Marcelo Leal-Ferreira (A statistical analysis of SEDs of Symbiotic Stars)
Pablo Castellanos (H2 formation via PAH dehydrogenation: Edge structure effects)

29th Jun 2016 (3:00pm - room 422)
Short presentation: Cornelia Pabst (SOFIA/upGREAT Observations of [CII] Emission in the Orion B Molecular Cloud)

15th June 2016 (3:00 pm - room 531)
Short presentations: Claudia Giese, Wim Roeterdink (Alignment dependent ionisation rate of CH3X)

1st June 2016 (2.30 pm - room 422)
Short presentation: Raymond Oonk (Detection of low-frequency radio recombination lines in Orion)

18th May 2016 (2.30 pm - room 531)
Short presentations: Pedro Salas (Beauty in vain: the clouds covering the face of Cassiopeia)
Vincent Kofman (Electronic spectra of the triphenylene cation)

4th May 2016 (2.30 pm - room 531)
Short presentations: Lizette Guzmán, Pedro Salas (Lessons from the ISM group website)

13th April 2016 (2.30 pm - room 531)
Host: Pedro!
Short presentation: Tao Chen (Ions colliding with molecules and molecular clusters: fragmentation and growth process)

30th March 2016 (2.30 pm - room 531)
Short presentation: Kirstin Doney
Marcelo Leal-Ferreira (Diagnostics of the fullerene rich environment of PN Tc 1)

16th March 2016 (2.30 pm - room 422)
Short presentations: Cameron Mackie, Pablo Costellanos

2nd March 2016 (2.30 pm - room 531)
Celebrate Annemieke's new position
Mihkel Kama (The volatiles are frozen, long live the volatiles!)
Oscar Morata (Colliding filaments as the origin of star formation in HH 43?)

17th February 2016 (2.30 pm - room 531)
Nikki Zabel (Interstellar bubbles in M51 part II)
Ciska Kemper (C60 in Lin 49 and other Planetary Nebulae)

3rd February 2016 (2.30 pm - room 422)
Presentation: Claudia-Corina Giese, Carmen Toribio

2nd February 2016 (12:00 pm - room 422)
“Beschuit met muisjes” for Annemieke

13th January 2016 (2.30 pm - room 531)
Celebration of Cameron's and Kristin's accepted papers
Sascha Zeegers (Large particles on the line of sight towards X-ray binary GX 5-1)
Kimberly Emig (Radio recombination lines from extragalactic sources)

2nd December 2015 (2.30 pm - room 531)
Short presentations:
Pedro Salas (The 'dense' gas chimney in M82)
Pablo Castellanos Nash (IR laboratory spectra of twice dehydrogenated pyrene)

25th November 2015 (2.30 pm - room 531)
Short presentation: Cameron Mackie (The theoretical anharmonic infrared spectra of PAHs)
Isabel Aleman (meeting format), Celebrate Rowin's new position

4th November 2015 (2.30 pm - room 531)
Short presentations: Marcelo Leal-Ferreira, Vincent Kofman, Raymond Oonk

21st October 2015 (2.30 pm - room 531)
Short presentations:
Ainil Abdullah (H2 Excitations in Galaxies)
Claudia-Corina Giese (Fluoranthene experiments give new results - Where to go now?)
Pedro Salas (What do you think of the ISM group web site?)

7th October 2015 (2.30 pm - room 531)
Short presentations: Alessandra Candian (Dipole Bound states in PAH anion)

23th September 2015 (2.30 pm - room 531)
Short presentations: Kimberly Emig, Nikki Zabel

9th September 2015 (2.30 pm - room 531)
Short presentations:
Francisco Salgado (Studies of Dust and Gas in the Interstellar Medium of the Milky Way - short version)
Pablo Castellanos Nash (First attempt to measure spectra of partly dehydrogenated PAHs)
Pedro Salas (Spatially resolved observations of RRLs against Cas A)

31th August 2015 (3.00 pm - room 531)
Champagne celebration for Alessandra's Veni

26th August 2015 (2.30 pm - room 531)
Short talks:
Annemieke Petrignani (High resolution spectra of PAH species in the 3-micron region),
Reymond Oonk (Low-frequency Carbon Recombination Lines and the CNM)

12th August 2015 (9.00 am - 17.00 pm)
LEAPS Symposium

5th August 2015 (2.30 pm - room 531)
“Extra” Meeting: Practice LEAPS talk by Prince Tiwari

29th July 2015
No meeting

21th July 2015
John Bally visiting (Univ. Colorado Boulder) –> Lunch Talk

15th July 2015 (2.30 pm - room 531)
Sundar Srinivasan (ASIAA / Taiwan)

1st July 2015
NO MEETING (PDR30 Conference)

17th June 2015 (2.30 pm)
Short talks: Claudia-Corina Giese, Cameron Mackie

3rd June 2015 (3.00 pm)
Mher Kazandjian: PhD defense

20th May 2015 (2.30 pm - room 531)
Sascha Zeegers: “Interstellar dust: dense interstellar regions studied through the X-rays”

6th May 2015 (2.30 pm - room 531)
(1-2 slides presentation) Bavo Croiset, Heather Andrews, Vincent Kofman

22nd April 2015 (2.30 pm - room 422)
Suklima Giuha Niyogi: “Massive stars and cosmic interstellar dust”

8th April 2015 (2.30 pm - room 512)
(1-2 slides presentation) Marcelo Leal-Ferreira, Sebastian Krijt

25th March 2015 (2.30 pm - room 531)
(1-2 slides presentation) Ainil Syalvianty Abdullah, Isabel Aleman, Alessandra Candian

11th March 2015 (2.30 pm - room 531)
Claudia-Corina Giese: “Aqueous Alteration of PAHs-First Results”

25th February 2015 (3.00 pm - room 531)
Rowin Meijerink: “Modeling the irradiated ISM in starburst galaxies and AGN”

11th February 2015 (3.00 pm - room 531)
Pablo Castellanos Nash: “From PAHs to fullerenes: Laboratory evidence for top-down interstellar chemistry”

28th January 2015 (3.00 pm - room 531)
Dr. Sergio Pilling (Universidade do Vale do Paraiba / Brazil) : “Probing some energetic processes in the interstellar medium inside the Lab:
i) production of H3+ via photodissociation of organic molecules; ii) unsaturation induced by cosmic rays at hydrocarbon-rich ices”

14th January 2015 (3.00 pm - library)
Rowin: “The modeling of water line emission by protoplanetary disks”

25th November (2.30 pm- room 422)
Els Peeters: TBD

11th November (2.30 pm - room 414)
Hector: “Decoding the infrared signatures of pyramidal carbons in graphenic molecular nanostructures of interstellar origin”

1st October (2.30 pm - room 531)
Francisco: Radio carbon recombination lines

17th September (3.00 pm - room 531)
Claudia: Aqueous degradation of PAHs in meteorites

31th July (3.00 pm - room 531)
Lynn: "PDRs and Stars in NGC 6822"
Benjamin Johnson (UCSC/CfA): "PDRfit A Case Study in Probabilistic modeling and Inference"

24th July (2.00 pm - room 531)
Ainil: “What is the ending of the origin of [CII] in NGC 3184 tell-tale?”
Sundar Srinivasan (ASIAA Taiwan) visiting

2nd July (2.30 pm)
Sebastiaan: “Coagulation in the casino”

18th June (2.30 pm), room 531
Alessandra: “Armchair PAHs and the 12.7 µm band” Alessandra's Presentation

4th June (1.30 pm), room 531
Annemieke 'Astronomical PAHs up close'

21st May (2.30 pm), Room 531
Heather: “Grand PAHs”

23rd April ⇒ Les Houches School

16th April (2.30 pm), Room 414
Nick Cox visiting

14th April (2.30 pm), Room 422
Tom Madura visiting

9th April ⇒ Faraday Discussion 168

26th March (2.30 pm), Oort Room
Introduction new PhD students:

12th March (2.30 pm), Oort Room
Annemieke:“Astronomical PAH up close”

26th February (2.30 pm), Oort Room
Sascha:“Investigating dense interstellar environments in the X-rays ” Sascha's Presentation \\
Mihkel:“Carbon abundance in protoplanetary disks”

12th February (2.30 pm), Room 106
Marissa: “Random mixtures of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon spectra match interstellar infrared emission.”

30th January (2.00 pm), HL 414
Rachel Gover (University of Nottingham) :“Hydrogenated PAHs and their effects on the spectrum of the UIR bands.”Rachel's Presentation

29th January (2.30 pm), Oort Room
Mikako Matsuura (UCL) :“Herschel and ALMA find supernovae to be dust factories”

15th January (2.30 pm), Oort Room
Suklima :“Investigating dust properties around a luminous blue variable R71” Suklima's Presentation
Alessandra: Sloan et al, 2013 Alessandra's Presentation

4th December (2.30 pm), Oort Room
Francisco:“Infrared emission of dust in the Orion HII region and the Orion Bar” Francisco's Presentation
Isabel: “Herschel Planetary Nebula Survey (HerPlanNS) - First Detection of OH+ in Planetary Nebulae”

20th November ⇒ Dutch Astrochemistry Network meeting – PAH Working group Nijmegen

6th November (2.30 pm), Oort Room
Mher: “Modelling CO and 13CO in Disk and Dwarf Galaxies”
Sebastiaan:“Erosion of dust aggregates” Sebastiaan's Presentation

23rd October (2.30 pm), Oort Room
Koen: “PAH ionisation as a tracer of disk evolution”Koen's Presentation
Pablo: “Astronomical nanodiamonds”

9th October (2:30 pm)
Special ISM group: High School student will present a Science paper

2nd October (2.30 pm)
Elisabetta Micelotta (Paris)
the Clash of Titans: macromolecules vs nanomolecules Elisabetta's Presentation

16th September (2pm - Room 414)
Sundar Srinivasan (ASIAA Taiwan) visiting
“An inventory of hidden dust from extremely red evolved stars”

15th August (11.00 am)
Andres and Eva talks

25th July (11.00 am)
Marta Sewilo visiting
“Young Stellar Object Candidates and PAHs in the Small Magellanic Cloud” Marta's Presentation (pdf)

10th July (11.00 am), Oort room
Heather : current work
Sebastiaan: paper review

27th June (11.00 am)
Ainil : current work Ainil's Presentation
Silvia: Optical IFU observations of gas pillars surrounding the super star cluster NGC 3603 http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2013arXiv1306.4813W

05th June - NOVA meeting

30 May (8.00 pm) Academie building
Lou Allamandola - Oort lecture “The Universe and Life: From Astrochemistry to Astrobiology”

27 May (12.30 pm)
Keith Smith (RAS) visiting - Lunch Talk

22 May (2.00 pm) Room 414
Marissa: “Battling Degeneracies: Interpreting CO in Luminous Infrared Galaxies”

8 May (2.00 pm) Room L144 (Gorlaeus Building) –> NOTE THE LOCATION
Elisa Costantini: “Interstellar dust studied with X-ray glasses”

24 April (2.00 pm) Havingazaal (Gorlaeus Building)
Isabel: The Detection of C60 in the Well-characterized Planetary Nebula M1-11 Isabel's Presentation
Annemieke: current work Annemieke's Progress Report

10 April (2.00 pm) room 414
Sascha: master project
Alessandra: Photodissociation of HBC+ Alessandra's Presentation

27 March (2.00 pm) room 414
Bram: current work Bram's Presentation
Kirstin: minor project

13 March (2.00 pm) room 106
Francisco: Carbon radio recombination lines as a tool to study the diffuse ISM

Lit Discussion: Lynn http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2011ApJ...738...34P
PDF presentation - Review of this paper (part 2) and its part 1

6 March (2.00 pm)
Marcelo Ferreira visiting: Maser Observations to Trace the Magnetic Field around Evolved Stars (and more)

13 February (2.00 pm)
Suklima Guha Niyogi: Using Infrared Observations Of Circumstellar Dust Around Evolved Stars To Test Dust Formation Hypotheses Suklima's Presentation

23 January (2.00 pm)
Rowin Meijerink: Simulating star formation and black hole accretion: connecting theory and observations Rowin's Presentation
Lit Discussion: Alessandra

5 December (2.00 pm)
Lit. Discussion: Ainil
Current Work: Sebastiaan Sebastiaan's presentation

21 November (2.00 pm, 414)
Current Work: Silvia - Radiation-pressurized HII regions Silvia's Presentation
Lit. Discussion: Heather

7 November 2012 (2.00 pm 414)
Current work: Koen - Transitional Disks in Herbig Ae/be stars Koen's presentation
Current work: Pablo - Spatial distribution of C60 in RNe Pablo's Presentation

23 October 2012 (2.00 pm, 414): Ciska Kemper visit → 'Crystalline Silicates in Galaxies'

18 October 2012: Dutch Astrochemistry Network (DAN) Meeting in Leiden

10 October 2012 (3.00 pm, 414)
Introductory talk: Isabel Isabel's Presentation
Current Work: Marissa Marissa's Presentation

24 September 2012 (2.30pm, 414)
Introductory talk: Alessandra Alessandra's Presentation
Current work: Lynn - Presentation on recent Spitzer YSO paper and PAH tracing with IRAC Lynn's Presentation

10 July 2012 (2pm, 414): Jonathan Heiner j.heiner@crya.unam.mx visit, talk on PDRs in nearby galaxies

5-6 July 2012 : Tim Lee visit, 6 July seminar “Quantum Chemistry in the Universe”

2 July 2012 : Bob O'Dell visit

21 June 2012 : PAH Dutch Astrochemical Network meeting in Amsterdam

15 June 2012 Friday (2pm, 414): Sundar Srinivasan (IAP - SAGE/HERITAGE, KINGFISH) and Martha Boyer (STScI - SAGE/HERITAGE) - AGBs and mass loss in the Magellanic Clouds, …

13 June 2012 (2pm, 414): Discussion (1) of O'Dell et al. 2008 review of Star Formation in Orion
Star Formation in the Orion Nebula II: Gas, Dust,...

30 May 2012 (2pm, 414): Edo Loenen

9 May 2012 (2pm, 414): Discussion of “Molecular Clouds in Nearby Galaxies” Fukui & Kawamura 2010 Full Paper (pdf)

24 April 2012 Tuesday (3:30pm, 414): Sebastiaan

11 April 2012 (room 414): PAH review http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2008ARA%26A..46..289T Full Paper (pdf)

28 March 2012 (room 414): Marissa - masters PAH project

14 March 2012 (room 226/228):
Introduction/Current work - Jungfeng
Current Work NGC 7552 Bernhard Brandl

29 February 2012: PDR review http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/1997ARA%26A..35..179H Full Paper Notes Sheet

15 February 2012: Francisco - Recent SOFIA paper

1 February 2012: Current Work: Lynn - HST proposal discussion. hstcycle20pres.pdf

7 December 2011:
Current Work: Maria (minor research project)
Current Work: Pablo (masters/minor research project) pablo_twhya_pres_dec11.pdf

18 November 2011:
Current Work: Annemieke 11_10_18tielenswbpetrignani.pdf
Lit. Discussion: Ainil

28 October 2011:
Current Work: Heather - Master's Project mgiiclustergroupabsorbers.pdf
Lit. Discussion: Silvia

16 September 2011:
Current Work: Bram
Lit. Discussion: visitor (Chris Ormell)

3 August 2011:
Current Work: Mihkel
Lit. Discussion: Olivier

6 July 2011:
Current work: Koen
Lit. Discussion: Lynn

23 May 2011:
Current work: Sebastiaan
Lit. Discussion: Annemieke

26 April 2011: Everyone's background.
Lynn, Annemieke, Olivier, Silvia, Koen, Sebastiaan, Francisco, Ainil, Pablo, Maria ismgroupmeeting_26april2011.pdf

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