2013 Feb 19 Spinoza te Paard
A popular science event on a pop stage in the “Paard van Troje” in The Hague where Spinoza laureates and their side-kicks ;-) present their work
- Part 1: Xander Tielens X. Tielens - Moleculen in de ruimte 1 & X. Tielens- Moleculen in de ruimte 2
- Part 2: Annemieke Petrignani A. Petrignani - Ruimteonderzoek in het Lab
- Questions and answers Q&A
- Xander and guest make a comet How to build a comet by X. Tielens

The video clip used for this evening on Space Research in the Laboratory featuring A. Petrignani & A. Candian can be viewed here Videoclip Ruimteonderzoek in het Lab
It can also be seen on http://www.levroi.nl/zien.php (search for “ruimteonderzoek in het lab”)


- Allamandola class 1 Class 1
- Allamandola class 2 first half Class 2a
- Allamandola class 2 second half Class 2b
- Allamandola class 3 Class 3

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