Group Members:

Ainil Abdullah

Isabel Aleman

Heather Andrews

Alessandra Candian

Pablo Castellanos Nash

Kimberly Emig

Claudia Giese

Marcelo L. Leal-Ferreira

Cameron Mackie

Raymond Oonk

Cornelia Pabst

Annemieke Petrignani

Pedro Salas

Xander Tielens

Sascha Zeegers

Former group members

Lynn Redding Carlson (now postdoc at University of Virginia - USA)

Kirstin Doney (now PhD student at The Sackler laboratory for Astrophysics, Leiden)

Sebastiaan Krijt

Bram Ochsendorf (now PostDoc at John Hopkins University - Baltimore USA)

Suklima Guha Niyogi

Koen Maaskant

Francisco Salgado Cambiazo

Silvia Verdolini (now visiting fellow at the office of Astronomy for development - South Africa)

Jungfeng Zhen (now postdoc at University of Toulouse)

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